January 14, 2018

I leave Thursday night to South Dakota for a teacher’s workshop and curriculum development weekend with the Northern Hills church in Spearfish, SD. As many of you know, I’ve been making trips to SD for over 30 years in an effort to strengthen and support churches in that region. Between Bible camps and retreats and seminars I’ve gone there over 45 times.

Northern Hills asked me to help them work on an overall Bible class curriculum to be sure that a full scope of Bible study is being covered. I’ve been doing some focused reading on the topic for the past 3 months and look forward to the time with the church there. While I am teaching and preaching in South Dakota, Zeb Carter is coming to speak in my place here. I appreciate Zeb’s enthusiasm to proclaim God’s message of reconciliation to the people of God and his encouragement to grow in faith toward God.

To my knowledge, this is the last outside commitment I have, except for continuing to help the Pratt church as they appoint shepherds. So, I expect to be home more in the coming months and believe me I am looking forward to that.

One of the things that I am sharing with the Northern Hills church is an observation I read a while back. As the serpent tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit, he told her that she would not die, rather she would become like God knowing good from evil. He said, “Take and eat.”  Then mankind fell from that intimate relationship with God in the Garden due to the sin that entered the world.  Later, at a final supper before his betrayal, Jesus echoed that phrase taking a loaf and saying, “This is my body, take and eat.”

Between Satan’s “take and eat” to Jesus’ “take and eat”, God sets into motion his plan of reconciliation. The story is the story of God’s movement in the lives of various individuals to reveal himself and his desires to the world.

How we present that message, the Gospel, is the task of each of us. What a story!

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